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This Website was made in Pennsylvania.

Many great things from cheesesteaks, to amazing craft breweries, to jawns can claim Pennsylvania as home. I also claim this Commonwealth as a source of refuge. It’s true that many folk from neighboring states try to claim allegiance because our two major cities are actually better than most of the others in the vicinity, so it’s okay to rub it in their faces from time to time.

I grew up with a solid art background but didn’t get digital with it until I set foot in PA. From the first day of school I was learning to translate ideas into computational machinery using Adobe and Macromedia programs, AutoCAD, and other three dimensional rendering software jawns. Over time it became habit. Interests in visual and musical exploits dominated most of the high school and college years, but the time came to find new ways to present all of this ridiculousness. I set up this site the day after finishing my thesis to upload some photos and terrible music I just made, and realized my web design skills were lacking.

Tens of thousands of hours later, web design is my job. I have enjoyed stuffing my face with hoagies testing HTML5 stuff, seeing people with hex code license plates numbers that match their car color, and defining the word “jawn” for those new to the Philadelphia region. All of this happened here and even though Pennsylvania has its quirks (quite a few really, but that’s why I have a blog), and a lot of strange people, it is home.