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Public Beta 8.3!

Finally! It’s here!

After a year of becoming a better developer, this thing is nearly complete. Version 7 remained in Development Hell, since I tried adding Wordpress to an already static site, running Pjax. Animations, and most importantly, the music player functionality kept breaking. There were also way too many console errors.

I took some time away from coding to work on music and painting to clear the mind, and decided to give a Jekyll-Sass-Gulp workflow a go. Since my site functions as both a portfolio and blog (of sorts), it made sense to add my features to the base Jekyll blog setup, including BarbaJS/Pjax, and Soundmanager 2 (for the music player).

Now, updating everything is ruthlessly efficient like the Spanish Inquisition. Images have been compressed, Javascript has been uglified and minified, and Google PageSpeed doesn’t hate it. Hooray. I still have some browser tests to run, and there are a few lingering CSS bugs for mobile specifically, but it’s finally done. FINALLY. This pleases me.

I must depart now to top up the mixing skills for the Imperial Philly Commix event this Friday Night.