I have so many work experiences, the most. So many you wouldn’t believe how many, people.

Seriously though… I am a front end web developer, with a very strong background graphic design, both print and web. Last year I made my own clone of a popular music thing, and I’m calling it “MusicVapor” (heehee), so integrating the sound player code, and keeping the transitions seamless was a great bonus.

After some internal debate, I decided to completely refactor my website using Jekyll, Sass and markdown, instead of trying to add a Wordpress blog to my already existing static site. In doing this, I simplified my workflow considerably. I have more time for brewing beers, making and playing music and painting pretty pictures. There’s also no database for goons to try to hack, so my life running the server is a lot less stressful too.

Since I’m working, I’m not actively freelancing, however if you have any code questions, or need some advice with a project that contributes positively to society (especially now), then give a shout.