hyperion redwoods

Deep in the very quiet woods on Northern California's northwestern coast, you can find peace and serenity. You can also find the tallest trees known to humankind. Ever since the documentaries were released years ago, Hyperion, and redwoods themselves became great sources of fascination.

Having worked in a fernery and developing a green thumb as I've aged, I found a lot more respect and reverance for Nature, with a capital N. As much as I loved city life it started to affect my physical, mental, and even spiritual health. The fast-paced and often impatient vibes one finds in metropolitan living clashed heavily with my overall sense of well-being, and also interrupted my creative process. I found a lot of this out as I started to spend more time away from the city, and surrounded by flowers and trees.

Listed at nearly 380 feet tall (379' and some change at last known measurement), Hyperion casually sits on a little hillside near a creek. It's definitely off the beaten path, in a grove of very large trees that are nestled amongst other very large trees. I found it with my friends on a warm day in August 2018. To confirm, there's a teeny weeny patch of cellular signal you can get if you stand uphill and to the side of the tree- it was handy for double checking the compass coordinates...

My glorious hosts were also keen to get me to a few other groves, where trees expected to surpass Hyperion in height are located. I have a new happy place.

Finding one's place in time, and one's sense of calm is more important than ever today. Do what you can to make your own space, or at least try to find comfort in the space you're in. It may just mean moving yourself an hour away for a bit, or traipsing around some old growth forests like humans did centuries before you.

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