This is it (What?!)

Luchini pouring from the sky...

So there's this record label called Elm Imprint, right?

..And they have some really good producers and stuff.

As the story goes, one day a friendly chap named RedHat asked another chap named theefunklord to try his hand at remixing a tune on an upcoming release for Elm Imprint. Theefunklord duly obliged, and by the glory of Camp Lo, the original tune called "Money" gained a nice little friend called "The Funky Luchini Remix" on the Distances EP.

It was only in the mist, and we can't get enough of this.

Back in 2004, I started dabbling with music production. I've made and recorded lot of (horrible- because I am too self-critical) music-related noise since then, most of it comprising loud bass and funky breakbeats, ranging from 168-174 beats per minute. It is often referred to as "Drum and Bass/DnB/D'n'B (if you apostrophe for fun)/ or Jungle." As a DJ, guitarist, and former drummer with some decent choppy chops- I know good music, dammit. I've opened for some legends in the scene and I've listened to this music since the late 90's..The problem for the last 14 years was finding the confidence and time to make good music.

Most artists are their own worst critics; self-generated stumbling blocks can appear in different forms and at different times. Sometimes you need another voice with a selective ear in the studio... or you just need an extremely talented acquaintance to give you some insane audio stems to play around with in a fairly limited amount of time. Ya see, RedHat is a bit different from the rest of us. I hear he even sleeps upside down like a bat when hopping the various continents. He's been known to play some heavy music and create some stunning visuals at shows, because he can. It was a fun challenge to try to capture that energy and vibe.

When he asked me to remix his tune in a couple of weeks, I had to give it a go- and just like that, in 14 total days after 14 years of trying, a tune I worked on could be found in the Beatport store, and available in all other fine music shops. To close out 2018 achieving something I set out to do many moons ago is pretty damn cool. The key for me in 2019 is to keep it moving, and to have my own release out somewhere.. Because I can, dammit (Maybe I should like, uhhhhh try to write more tunes within weeks instead of taking years, or something? Perhaps there is something to this methodology...Perhaps).

At any moment you can become your biggest critic. All you need is to change your perspective. You may have been on the right path the whole time.. You may need a bit of distance to see it though.

Love and respect to the Philly-connected artists and creators out there. You all provide inspiration (and sometimes audio files).

It's just like that as we proceed...

(also, if RedHat sees this, I hope he gets the upside-down sleeping thing fixed.)

:: ::